Total Devastation

Want to scream, I'd rather kill, Violent Thoughts make me ill

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? - Gluehead


who killed spikey jacket - gluehead

Best band of all time.


Guitar Wolf

(Source: suicidewatch)

(Source: markvomit)

It’s amazing how many words you stupid fucks can spit out of your mouth without saying anything. “Oh my god, like seriously? I Can’t even. Wow.”

If you describe yourself as ‘soft grunge’ kill yourself. 
If you pretend to be depressed to fit in with your internet friends, kill yourself.
If you get offended because ‘wow people actually kill themselves’ kill yourself.

I fucking hate the kids that tumblr attracts. 

All you wanna-be folk crusties take fucking note- this is how folk punk is done.

This is the best blog.